Five Gift Ideas for a Coffeeholic

Ah, Christmas. It’s a magical time of year, yet it always seems to creep up on you until you’re suddenly scrambling for present ideas. You need to find a good balance of getting something thoughtful, but not too out of budget.

We all know someone that appreciates coffee – let’s be honest, most of us do. Barista accessories are a great present idea to help anyone be able to make their own good coffee at home. Who doesn’t want that?

These are our top five gift ideas to get your friend this Christmas:
  • Hario V60 pour over starter kit – includes a v60, server and paper filters to produce crisp, bright flavours
  • Aeropress portable coffee maker – uses vacuum pressure to push the coffee through filter papers and delivers clean, full-flavoured coffee without bitterness
  • Porlex mini hand grinder – powerful, lightweight, compact and manually powered, this handheld grinder is perfect for travel to accompany any other alternate brew methods
  • Barista course voucher – perfect for anyone who is interested in coffee, makes their own at home or even wants to get a job in the industry. Check out our gift vouchers!
  • Kinto SCS Coffee Carafe Set – heat resistant glass with a stainless steel filter allows you to brew rich, aromatic coffee

There you have it! We use on the best quality products to brew our coffee for the best results, and stock a whole range of barista accessories on our shops in Enmore or Thirroul.

High quality coffee beans are another awesome option to get someone for Christmas that loves brewing coffee at home! You can check out our house blends here.