How to obtain your barista certificate

How do you let employers know that you’ve got what it takes to be their new best barista? What qualification is there to put on your resume?

If you’re looking to get a certificate in baristary, you’re unfortunately out of luck. There’s no one recognised qualification that says that you’re a qualified barista. Those in the industry have been attempting to get a TAFE recognised course but without success so far. There are some certificates recognised by TAFE in food handling and general hospitality, but these don’t do much to identify a specially-trained barista.

How then do cafés know for sure that you’ve got the expertise they’re looking for?

They want to know if you’ve got experience. While many coffee shops train their junior baristas on the job, this isn’t as attractive a prospect as hiring somebody who already knows what they’re doing.

How do you learn what you’re doing?

You take a quality barista training course with a well-respected coffee company. While there’s no official certificate available for completion of barista courses, potential employers will still look to see who trained you. A specialised course run by experts is a much better alternative to being trained behind the counter of a busy coffee shop. This is how you can learn the theory behind good coffee, including the origins of the beans, how they were grown and how to use that knowledge to get the best espresso shot you can from each batch of coffee beans. Just as important is plenty of practice behind a genuine commercial coffee machine. These are often far more complex to operate and maintain than those sold for home use so it’s critical to get the right training so you can be ready to use real machines in a café with confidence to produce a beautiful cup of coffee every time. In the end, an employer will still want to see and taste your work to make sure that you’ve got the skills they’re looking for. No certificate can be more meaningful than a quality cup of coffee made yourself on their espresso machines.

With the right training, you can be sure to impress with a fine beverage and prove yourself worthy of the title of barista.

Black Market Roasters have been running coffee shops and teaching their own baristas for years and are now offering barista training courses through Black Market Training. Run by experts currently working in the industry, they can teach you all the theory you need to know and give you the opportunity to put that into practice on their commercial machines. A combination of practical and theory with small class sizes, each person has the opportunity to receive meaningful and useful mentoring and learn how to make a whole menu of quality coffee.

If you want experience and expertise to make it in the coffee industry, join our barista course today!