Growing up in Australia in the 80’s meant that I was educated and inspired by Mr Squiggle and his remarkable talent for drawing pictures from squiggles. This might not sound impressive, but when I tell you that the picture looked like child’s scrawl until Rebecca said, ‘I’m sure it;s obvious Mr Squiggle but I just […]


Water is a somewhat necessary part of our existence, and unless you eat coffee your beans straight out of the bag, it’s a necessary part of a coffee’s existence. It’s a complex topic, very scientific, definitely getting into some high brow coffee snobbery with chemical equations and variables and such and so forth, so we’ll […]

Reflecting on the Challenges of Latte Art

Do you remember when you poured your first fire breathing dragon flying over the oriental mountains under a starry sky from nothing but the most perfectly textured milk? Yeah me neither. But I do remember as a young Padawan barista the slow arduous journey of latte art. It’s a long way from dumping that frothy […]

Life After Pro with Kate Shore

What happens after you take one of our barista courses? We chatted to Kate Shore, who trained in our Pro course with us, and has found an awesome barista gig! Where are you currently working? The Pie and Grind Bakehouse in Fairlight. 2. What coffee and equipment do you work with? I’m working with Campos […]

What is specialty coffee?

Specialty coffee is on the rise. What it does it mean, and why should you care? What do we mean by ‘specialty coffee’? Specialty coffee refers to the entire process of coffee, from farming to cup, using single origin coffee. This includes how the coffee is grown and harvested, how it is roasted and then […]

Four key elements to improving your Latte Art

Practice, practice, repeat. It’s true that, to truly master your latte art skills, you have to keep practicing over and over again, take a class…then continue to practice. There are four key elements you want to remember when practicing your coffee art: 1. Height Where you hold your milk pitcher is important for the different stages of […]

Coffee Nerd: Extraction

Coffee extraction, simply put, is using a combination of water, temperature, pressure and the length of water coffee ground contact time to bring out the soluble contents (and sometimes insolubles such as fines) into the cup. The word extraction is often used when we talk about the amount and type of chemical compounds that are […]

Cupping: Improving Your Coffee Palate

For anyone entering the coffee scene for the first time, coffee tasting (aka cupping) can be a somewhat intimidating experience. Confident baristas slurp their way around a table before making crazy in-depth and varying descriptions of what to the new comer all seem to be similar coffee beverages. There is really only one way to […]

How to nail that milk temperature

How hot should I make the milk? This is really a question of preference, though there are a couple of guidelines when steaming milk for your latte. At our cafe in Sydney we have realised there is not one milk temperature that satisfies everyone, so we serve all milk at 65 degrees Celsius unless they […]

How to obtain your barista certificate

How do you let employers know that you’ve got what it takes to be their new best barista? What qualification is there to put on your resume? If you’re looking to get a certificate in baristary, you’re unfortunately out of luck. There’s no one recognised qualification that says that you’re a qualified barista. Those in […]

How to choose a quality barista course

What do you look for in a barista training course? How do you make sure it’s going to teach you what you need to know? Whether you’re looking to make better coffee for yourself or seeking a career in the coffee industry, the right course will give you the practical skills to make the best […]

How to become a barista with no experience

Have you always loved the taste of coffee? Do you aspire to be behind the counter of your favourite café? Do you have no idea how to start? A lot of cafés will provide on-the-job training to junior staff, but is this enough? There are better environments in which to learn than the busy environment […]