Brasil Fazenda California

This double ferment coffee is challenging the way we think of coffee from this region.  Those who have sampled a few coffees from Brazil in their time, would not argue that Brazilian coffees typically have a flavour profile that consists mostly of nuts and dark chocolate.  

In recent years, experimental processing methods have shown that during the fermentation process, magic can happen when it comes to the flavour development of the coffee.  At Fazenda California only the ripest cherries are taken to the wet mill where they are left to soak overnight in 8 degree spring water before pulping occurs, it’s a process called ‘double fermentation’. The cold water soak slows down the initial fermentation and creates desirable acidity with notes of red fruits, grapes and a viscous creamy body.

We love this coffee so much that in July it features on our brew bar as a V60 pour-over in our new tasting experience in Marrickville.  We are enjoying vibrant fruit and floral notes, alongside the more traditional yet pleasant chocolate and nut flavours.

Wrap your tongue around it before we drink it all!