Remember that time you went to Bali, Fiji, Sri Lanka, Byron Bay, Kathmandu, Pai, or Glebe? You woke up with the birds and did an hour of mind and body bending yoga by the sea, then to the local smoote (pronounced smoo-tay, as in caf-e) to sip the most wholesome, nourishing, blissful, hashtagged smoothie you’d ever had since yesterday. What a #blessed time. 

We went to Byron Bay and we had such a flipping #blessed time that we didn’t want to stop – so we brought these adaptogenic smoothies back with us so can all partake in the good vibes all the time, even if you’re not sitting cross legged on a hand stitched Nepalese pouf. 

So you can really get a sense of how good these smoothies are. I’m going to do a mindfulness exercise with you. Close your eyes.* You slowly release from shavasana (lying down) pose. You roll up your mat, slipping on your Birkenstocks, and step out into the heat of the day, the smell of sea salt and frangipani in the air. You take a seat at the Soul Shack under a fan, whirring like ohm’s from the yogi’s. It is all interconnected. Now I’m going to read out a few essential elements in our smoothies. Mango. Berries. Coconut. Passionfruit. Cacao. Lion’s mane mushroom. Ashwagandha. Banana.

Don’t you feel terrific even just thinking about it?! They’re based on the idea of adaptogens – non toxic plants that are said to help the body resist stressors, and have been used in Ayurvedic medicine traditions for some time. But whether you  think this is fact or quack, they’re full of fresh fruit and veg, protein, and superfoods. High nutritional value. Super max flavour. 

But the main super power of these humble smoothies is their big transcontinental energy. A few sips and all of a sudden you’re in the middle of a flower circle in Goa. Namaste!

*I am aware of the difficulties of closing your eyes while reading the instructions of this exercise, but give it your best. Believe in yourself.