As you’ve no doubt already noticed, already picked up what we’re laying down – we’re nuts about coffee education. We’re the ‘sitting in the front seats of class, hands in the air with shoulder dislocating enthusiasm’ kind of learning die-hards.

In the past, this realm of quality coffee education that nerds like you and I has been inaccessible to anyone living outside of major cities, but we know, and you know, the love of coffee reaches far and wide, into the hearts of small coastal towns, country communities, to the outback of Woop Woop.

So we’re happy as Hermoine to be releasing our modules of online coffee training. These are six individual courses packed with the foundational barista knowledge you need for working behind the coffee bar, whether you’re a complete beginner or with working experience. Each module contains videos, theory and interactive material, and earns a digital credential badge on completion.

We cover subjects such as working with coffee recipes (that is, how to adjust your equipment and use metrics to nail each cup consistently), techniques for working in a high volume environment, the wider industry from seed to cup, latte art and more.

These courses can be done separately, or as part of a bundle such as ‘Home Barista’ or Professional Barista Knowledge’, so wherever you want to take your love of coffee, there’s a bundle that will take you there!

Check out the modules here, and get stuck in!