Sydney Coffee Experience by Black Market Roasters

A few of the BMR crew hopped on down to Moore Park to explore  ‘The Coffee Experience”, Sydney’s answer to MICE.  Coffee conventions like this are always worth a visit for industry professionals.  As well as sampling many different coffee beans, event like this provide a forum for discussion on the new techniques and equipment that baristas have been experimenting with.  The industry is constantly tinkering in the science of measuring, extracting, grinding and roasting and at events like this we get the opportunity to play on new equipment and see how small variables can have a big impact in the cup.

At Black Market Roasters, we are a Sydney Coffee Supplier and run Barista Courses. We love getting around to events like the Coffee Experience so we can see what’s new and exciting. Our Barista classes are designed for beginners looking to get a job in the coffee industry as well as for more experienced head baristas looking to improve their skills. Our Coffee Classes teach you the practical knowledge needed to get a job and make the most out of a great working environment and industry!

What is New at the Coffee Experience 2014?

We sampled some great fresh harvest coffee beans from the Kemgin region in Ethiopia, it had amazing berry flavours and a deliciously syrupy mouthfeel. Another favourite was a Baurundi Ngogomo Micosta displaying tropical fruit flavours, oranges, caramel & dark chocolate.

One experiment I found most interesting was a pour-over comparison.  The experiment was conducted by making three pour-overs from the same coffee beans but using Reverse Osmosis water that had varying minerals added back into it.  The first was magnesium only, the second calcium only and the third contained 50% calcium & 50% magnesium.

The results were astonishing, each cup tasted like a completely different coffee.  Tasting the results of an experiment like this reminds me just how volatile a subject coffee can be and it is exiting to think there are still so many variables that we are yet to take control of.  Who knows what coffee will be tasting like in the future!

Learn more about our Barista Course in Sydney and more about our coffee beans to buy on our online coffee shop.