How to become a barista with no experience

Have you always loved the taste of coffee? Do you aspire to be behind the counter of your favourite café? Do you have no idea how to start? A lot of cafés will provide on-the-job training to junior staff, but is this enough?

There are better environments in which to learn than the busy environment of a coffee shop kitchen when you’re faced with a complex commercial espresso machine, a menu full of different hot and cold beverages and customers who want their order perfect first time. If you want to know exactly what you’re doing on your first day as a barista, you’re probably looking at doing a short training course before you start. The right course can provide you with practice on a real machine so that you can operate and maintain it confidently and effectively.

What to look for in a barista course

Commercial machines are considerably more complicated than those used in private homes and it is important to master the details of the appliance. Expert baristas have a lot of background knowledge on how coffee is grown and how the origin and condition of the beans affect the espresso shot you can get out of them. This sort of theory isn’t easy to pick up just from drinking coffee or making it with a machine. These details are known by people who are currently at work as successful baristas; to really get your head around how coffee is made from seed to cup and how you can use that information, it’s critical to learn from the experts.

The right course is a sound investment into your future as a barista: it will give you the head start you need to be the best in a competitive industry where quality is everything.

Black Market Roasters have been running and staffing coffee shops for many years and their experienced baristas are now running quality barista training courses. Small class sizes, commercial machines for students’ use and the in-depth knowledge of years of experience in the industry provide the ultimate training. Black Market Training can help you become a barista with no experience. If you’re looking to be the top candidate for the café job of your choice and the best barista you can be, join our barista course today!