How to choose a quality barista course

What do you look for in a barista training course?

How do you make sure it’s going to teach you what you need to know?

Whether you’re looking to make better coffee for yourself or seeking a career in the coffee industry, the right course will give you the practical skills to make the best cup of coffee. It’s essential to find one where you can get hands-on experience with real commercial coffee machines; these are often far more complicated than those sold for private household use and require extra know-how to use and maintain. With guidance and practice, you can master the operation of espresso machines to produce a perfect shot of espresso each time. If you want to be a truly talented barista, it’s critical to understand how coffee is made from seed to cup. Knowing how the origin of the beans and the conditions they were grown in will help you get the best possible result from every bean.

If you’re well-versed in the theory of good coffee, you can treat every batch of coffee grinds accordingly to produce consistently superb espresso-based beverages. This is the sort of background detail an expert would provide in a quality barista training course.

How do you tell the person running the course is as good as they claim to be?

The most qualified people to train baristas are those who work in and run cafés themselves. Current baristas have all the cutting-edge information and practices that are used in the industry and know everything you’ll need to join their ranks. They can teach you how to prepare any beverage on a typical café menu with finesse and confidence. With the right training behind you, the right knowledge in your head and the right skills under your belt, you can be a capable barista ready to work in the coffee shop of your choice, drink better coffee at home or even just have a deeper appreciation for this marvellous beverage.

Black Market Training offers barista training courses run by professionals from Black Market Roasters. These experienced baristas have been running cafés and training their own baristas for years, and can provide all the knowledge you will need to prepare a whole menu of excellent coffee. Class sizes are small and involve working on real machines so each student can get the mentoring and practice they need to become a competent and confident barista!