How to get a barista job

Have you always adored the taste of freshly-made coffee? Do you dream of getting a barista job behind the counter of your favourite café?

A job as a barista is a rewarding experience for those passionate about coffee. You get to work in a fast-paced, exciting scene making your favourite drink to brighten the day of anyone who enters the store. Café jobs are likely to have casual work available with flexible hours to fit around your lifestyle or studies. What’s more, there’s no late night work to interrupt your schedule or sleep.

How do you get into this industry?

A lot of coffee shops will provide training on the job for their new junior staff. You can make yourself substantially more employable by having experience on your resume. Espresso machines used in cafés are complex to use and require the knowledge to work them. The best experience is either in a coffee shop or training run by professionals who themselves work in a thriving café. There are plenty of training courses available for you to hone your skills before you apply for a barista job. The right course will involve plenty of practice on a genuine commercial coffee machine so you can get the hang of using one to reliably make quality espresso shots.

With guidance from an experience barista, you can learn how to make any espresso-based beverage you could find on the menu at your local café, from a perfectly-balanced mocha to a triple-shot soy latte. One of the benefits of a specially-designed course is the theory content that you wouldn’t otherwise get working in a café. Experts in the field understand how coffee is produced from seed to cup and can share with you understanding of how this affects the end result.

At Black Market Training, our experts run barista training courses to give you the knowledge you need to be an in-demand barista for any coffee shop. All courses involve plenty of real experience with the coffee machines used by our skilled baristas at Black Market Roasters. With small classes, each student can receive mentoring from professionals currently at work in our successful cafés to get the skills they need to get employed as a barista in the industry!