Life After Pro with Kate Shore

What happens after you take one of our barista courses? We chatted to Kate Shore, who trained in our Pro course with us, and has found an awesome barista gig! Where are you currently working? The Pie and Grind Bakehouse in Fairlight. 2. What coffee and equipment do you work with? I’m working with Campos […]

Winning at a cafe trial

We are always asked at Black Market Training; “How do I get a job as a Barista?” Naturally you want to know, and prospective employers will want to know that you can make a good coffee. Whether you are in Melbourne, Sydney or Amsterdam, the answer is always the same. You need to win over at […]

How to get a barista job

Have you always adored the taste of freshly-made coffee? Do you dream of getting a barista job behind the counter of your favourite café? A job as a barista is a rewarding experience for those passionate about coffee. You get to work in a fast-paced, exciting scene making your favourite drink to brighten the day […]

How much does a barista earn?

Have you ever imagined yourself working in a café? Are you looking for a fun, satisfying job and lifestyle that suits you? Casual work in a coffee shop is ideal for students who want an income while at high school, TAFE or university. Café jobs are likely to have flexible hours to account for a […]

What is a barista?

“Barista” traditionally in Italy means “bartender”; the employee behind the bar who would serve wine, spirits, cocktails and coffee. The barista would be trained to prepare any beverage an Italian bar-goer might want. In modern Australia, your local café is unlikely to serve you a martini but the baristas will be specialists at making quality […]

Inside the Industry: March

Industry news It really has never been a better time to become a skilled barista. The industry has an undersupply of baristas and are paying well for workers who know their stuff! Below I have outlined a few key points in gaining those extra few $$$ as a professional barista. How to get a job […]

Best coffee course in sydney

How To Get A Job In Coffee

Joining the café scene is one of the best decisions any person can make, in our opinion. Being a part of a vibrant, energetic, human and productive environment that allows you not only to receive an income, though also to enjoy some of life’s most simple pleasures, interacting with a wide group of people. Black […]