It’s very cold in Japan right now. It’s very warm in Australia right now and we’re in need of a cold beverage. I would say that’s a perfect match. 

Japanese is also the country of origin of zen, and zen in January is a welcome relief from the fizzy bath bomb of December. 

Both of these together create a coffee that so quintessentially Japanese, and the very manifestation of the coffee that should be savoured in a hot Australian summer. It’s a pour over (zen), over ice (cold). 

We share this way to enjoy an iced filter coffee with you in our new Youtube Tutorial. The Japanese Iced Pour Over Method is quite similar to a normal pour over, but you chill the coffee directly when it drips into the decanter. We use a recipe that is essentially a more concentrated version of the filter ratio we usually use, and brewing it over a cup of ice. The more intense recipe compensates for the ice, so that as the ice melts, you’re left with a flavoursome, and chilled cup of iced filter.

The big difference you would have noticed between this method and the cold drip or cold immersion brew method is the use of hot water. Using water around 93-96 degrees ensures those bright, sparkling flavour molecules are released from their compounds, and we sense that flavour profile we enjoy from lighter roasted coffees that room temperature water isn’t able to do.

So have a squiz of our method here, use our Bright Roast Costa Rica or Single Origin Timor Leste and enjoy a summer full of sunshine, shimmering, bright Japanese cold coffee that is also cold and zen. It’s chilled, and relaxed.

It’s chillaxed.

I’m not happy that I used this term, just now. But I’ve got the chance to edit it out, and I’m not going to. It will maybe be the only time in my coffee writing career that term will be appropriate. I stand by it.