NSW Barista Championship

Much to the anticipation of the local Sydney coffee community the Regional/NSW Barista Championship was held in December 2014. Our very own Scott Sanderson, roaster and Black Market Legend competed! Baristas were performing their routines for the chance to advance to the nationals this year. For some they have been competing for years and others it was a learning curve to help improve themselves as a better barista.

When competing you are judged on four espressos, four cappuccinos and four signature drinks served to four judges. Judging you on taste, balance and tactile as well as milk texture and symmetry for the cappuccino, and your creative ability to use an espresso for your signature drink.

Scott from Black Market Roasters Perspective

“When I decided to compete this year I had to decide on a coffee bean that I really enjoyed and I thought was well balanced as an espresso. I chose a natural Ethiopian Yirgacheffe as being a natural [naturally processed] it had a lot more intese aromas and flavours. I found when adding milk to the espresso I lost a lot of that sweetness I enjoyed so I had to go back and see if I could create a blend that works really well as a espresso and just as well when using it for my cappuccino. So I decided to add a honey processed Panama creating and 60% Yirgacheffe with a 40% Panama. This created a well balanced espresso all round with an initial raspberries followed with a choc-honey sweetness. So then it was time to try it with milk, worked great again.”

Getting Specific About the Extractions

“Then it was about playing with my recipes to see what I can get out of the blend. I found that 22gram in with 42 grams out for a long 32 second extraction brought the most out of the espresso then doing a slighty longer extraction of 48 grams out for a 35 seconds for my cappuccino brought more fruity and choc flavours. After being happy with all my recipes it to take note of the flavours, tactile and aromas of the espresso so I could create a signature drink to complement it.”

Signature Drink, Time for Flair!

“So in my case I had filtered my espresso through a v60 to remove the oils to create a clearer taste then cold brewing raspberries, coconut, ginger which was then also filtered through a v60 then added to the espresso creating a Pour over feel to it. Reasons for picking raspberries was to enhance the taste of the first sip and the ginger to add a spice to the choc flavours with coconut to add a sweetness to the end.”

Practice Makes Perfect

“Once knowing all your drinks it is all up to you to practise your routine adding in your speech. Then practising set up times, timing yourself and making adjustments where needed to finish your routine in that 15 minute timeframe. Then getting all your equipment and goods for presentation for the judges. Also then just practising as you would do your routine to the judges it also good to have a background music playlist which goes with your routine so you can time yourself to the music.”

“When it comes to the day your full of nerves but its great getting to watch all the different approaches from the baristas. Overall a great experience.”

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