The definitions of ‘super’, according to the definitive source of definitions, can be defined as: Super (ˈsü-pər ) Adjective 1. Of excellent quality, superfine. 2. Better than average, better […]

coffee cherries of bourbon held in hand


When a description of the widely produced coffee varietal Bourbon begins with “It’s a tall variety characterized by relatively low production, susceptibility to the major diseases (of leaf rust, berry […]

Blended Treasure

Blend’s are a roaster’s bread and butter, their cappuccino. We nerd out on single origins (nothing wrong here) and their flavour profile, altitude, extraction methods, varietals geekery, but where oh […]

About A Giesen

We here at Black Market Coffee roast coffee. Did ya know? It’s true. We roast coffee and we love it. There’s always something new, either a completely new coffee like […]

Black Market Single Origins

  PNG TIMOR LESTE Bright Roast Waghi Valley Washed Lutlala Natural Yirgacheffe Kigibah estate sits in the stunning Waghi Valley of the Western Highlands surrounded by towering dark blue mountains. […]

Try our Summer singles!

Colombia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea…we’ve got an amazing line-up this season just waiting for you to taste them! Join us at Macquarie Cafe this Friday 15th as we cup these […]

Summer Singles

We’re starting off the new year with some damn good coffees! Papua New Guinea | Amakai Honey Natural From the volcanic soil at foothills of he Kubor Range in Papua […]