Life After Pro with Kate Shore

What happens after you take one of our barista courses?

We chatted to Kate Shore, who trained in our Pro course with us, and has found an awesome barista gig!

  1. Where are you currently working?

The Pie and Grind Bakehouse in Fairlight.

2. What coffee and equipment do you work with?

I’m working with Campos coffee on a La Marzocco machine.

3. What were your favourite aspects of the Pro course?
The amount of detail and time spent on understanding each aspect. A three hour or one day course just won’t give you the same knowledge and confidence. Also I loved the amount of practice time we got on the machines. The difference between my first and last day was huge with how confident I felt and how much better my coffees were and it was all down practice.
4. What were the biggest things you took away from the course and use in your current job?

The practical skills and the confidence that came with them were the biggest things I took away from the course. It meant I walked into my trial and started making coffees for paying customers straight away which I wouldn’t have been able to do without the pro course.

5. Do you have any advice for aspiring baristas?

After learning and practicing, getting a job is where you’re going to make the most progress so get out there.

6. Is there an area of coffee you would like to explore more?

Roasting would definitely be something I would like to explore in the future but for now I’m happy just working on my latte art.