We tasted some of the rarest coffees in the world!

Our roastery in Thirroul was abuzz last night with multiple coffee shots being served. These were no normal coffee shots. Ourselves and about twenty guests tasted five different 90+ scoring coffees, which are some of the rarest in the world. You might normally pay up to $5 for a regular coffee, depending on if it’s from a chain or a specialty cafe. The budget looks a little different when it comes to this end of the scale. Retailing for about $40 a cup, coffee doesn’t get much more specialty than this!

All coffee is graded by the Q system. A group certified Q graders, such as our very own company director Jessica Hol, taste the coffee and give it a score out of 100. It is the only test that is based solely on the quality of the coffee.  Coffees must receive a score of at least 80 to be classified as specialty. Those that hit the 90+ range are classified as ‘outstanding’ – we had to agree.

After Jess explained the process of tasting that we were going to undertake and a little bit about Q grading, our wonderful baristas led the summaries of these amazing coffees. The filters brewed as the group chatted, and we served around small portions to taste of these five coffees. The flavours ranging from fruity to floral and everything in between. You could definitely taste the difference of quality with these varietals. It was fascinating to learn about where they were grown and the streamlined details that go into every stage of producing these beans, from planting to harvest.

Sufficiently caffeinated, we had a few sneaky beers to finish off what was an awesome night. That was a wrap for the first of hopefully many coffee events to come!

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