EVENT: 30th July Single Origin Tasting

We are opening the Vault and letting you all slurp, suck and quaff some fresh new origins. The Roaster will take you through the Cupping of the new Black Market origins as well as tasting the coffees through a variety of other extraction methods.

From Guatemala to Kenya, the different flavours will explained and hopefully allow you to enjoy your specialty coffee on a new level.

Where: TopHat Coffee, 315 Clovelly Road Clovelly

When: 6pm-7:30pm Wednesday 30th July

What: Black Market Roasters Single Origin Tasting

After everyone is high on coffee, we will enjoy a glass of wine and a few snacks! It is a free event and everyone is welcome.

At Black Market Roasters, we specialise in fresh, exotic and sweet single origins from around the world. We are a wholesale coffee roaster, supplying cafes in Sydney and helping raise the standard of cafes that we love to visit. We retail many different types of coffee as well as decaffeinated coffee beans, light roast coffee beans plus more!